Matt's Lawn and Landscape

From the desk of Charles: Growth

I often get asked what we look for in a company we are going to partner with and purchase. In many cases, it is the same things we look for in our employees. Do they fit is always the question we ask. Do they fit with our culture, our way of business, and our vision? If yes, then we look at the skillsets they bring to our team, that we currently do not have in the industry.

When partnering with Olson’s Irrigation and Matt’s Lawn and Landscape, we talked with two owners who fit well with our team. They still work with us today because we felt so strongly they were leaders. The main reason we continue to grow is to provide opportunities for our customers and our team. Our team members today have many options to further their career path at Hantho.

We have crews and leaders with decades of experience that can train and help others become the best. Our customers are serviced by industry leaders, in the HOA and Commercial market for Snow, Lawn, Excavation, Irrigation, Fertilization, and Landscape Products.

We don’t want to be the biggest. We want to have the best staff and team in town. We firmly believe that a great team creates opportunities for others to shine.

We provide solutions, and sometimes that means adding to our team; experts from our field.

Interested in learning more about our growing team and what that means for you? Contact us at (763) 477-5011 or

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