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The Importance of Properly Maintaining Ponds and Bio Basins

From the Desk of Charles: The Importance of Properly Maintaining Ponds and Bio Basins.

Monthly inspections are important. Some ponds are designed to hold water. Bio basins are designed to drain and have underground drainage pipes that allow for seepage within generally 48 hours of a rain.

However, the monitoring of ponds and are important. Keep trash and debris from accumulating in pipes and or inflows and outflows. Monitoring for erosion is critical as soils can wash into ponds, causing washouts and cresting hazards.

Completing inspection data sheets along with photos allows for proof of monetizing and having on-going visual inspections. Also, if there are issues, they can be addressed before becoming a major problem.

One of the most important maintenance issues is the control of cattails and other invasive greases. These plants have deep roots. On bio basins with drainage piping, cattail roots can plug the holes in the piping, preventing proper drainage and restricting the important acne of draining.

The importance of controlling cattails is critical for ponds that are intended to hold water. Because ponds are designed to hold specific volumes of water depending on the watershed draining into such pond. If cattails are allowed to take over a pond this affects the potential water holding capacity.

The below pictures show a pond with excessive cattails and after a 2-inch rain the pond is almost overflowing. Cattails should be controlled on a monthly basis.

All this being said, pond and bio basin maintenance is now more important than ever, especially with all new construction and water from hard surfaces and roofs being retained on the property. These runoffs are not allowed to flow into city or county storm sewer systems.

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