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From the desk of Charles: Teamwork

Teamwork starts with the company culture; Hantho lives and breathes everyone working together. Every service we provide is an opportunity for great teamwork where everyone pulls together for the common cause of completing a great job that amazes our customers.

There is no worse feeling than shoveling steps at an HOA, where the snow is drifted 4’ deep. Knowing you still have 10 buildings and 40 sets of steps to go, there is no better feeling than seeing an additional crew pull up with 4 more shovelers, knowing help is on the way. Believe me, this is teamwork.

Teamwork is when everyone works together collectively. Sometimes it means we let the newer member ‘learn on the job’, sometimes it means we support a team member who is having a bad day, sometimes it means we celebrate with a team member having a great day.

At Hantho, we stress to all teamwork; it is who we are. We hire based on how employees will fit into a team and how personalities will fit. In the end, we are stronger because of the diversity of opinion and talent.

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