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From the desk of Charles: Winter Recap

From the desk of Charles:

It is the middle of January 2023; the upper Midwest has experienced a heavy winter with above average snow to date. Remembering our 30-year average of 53”, we currently stand at about 49”. Our crews and support staff have been awesome; a real team effort by all. Ricky, our shop manager and mechanic, has kept us running efficiently. At times his work becomes overwhelming, but we are grateful for his attitude and all those team members that assist him in maintaining our fleet.

We have a modern fleet of trucks and off-road equipment, skids, medium and large loaders with attachments. Our sidewalk crews have excelled with snowrators and hand shovels. The use of liquids on walks has enabled us to reduce granular salt. Our clients love the fact that salt does not get tracked into buildings, and this is one of the ways we ensure “No Compromise To Safety.”

Some of our clients have properties within the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District, where a 62% reduction in salt use has been requested. Our liquid pre-treat and post treatment programs are working well. Minimal granular salt is being applied when it is with a pre-wet system.

As our snow operations continue, our teams are having great discussions while we plan on a weekly basis for summer. In addition to our snow operations and summer planning, we continue to provide maintenance on Bio Basins and Ponds, managing various projects within the Green Environment and Infrastructure.

We are delighted to have Jay Bergeron as our Director of Green Environment assisting us with his wealth of knowledge and expertise. Jay joins Hantho as our Director of Green Infrastructure. He brings years of experience with Storm Water Management as both a city employee designer and consultant. Jay’s background and experience will enhance our capabilities to offer a more services to our clients in the various states we currently service.

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