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Need a Refresh?

Need a Refresh for your landscape and lawn?

We offer hydromulch services that will help keep your lawn and turf healthier, greener, and longer lasting! See below for how hydromulching can benefit your property:

Hydromulching is a process where fiber matrix is mixed/ blended with water and seed. The mulch acts as a cover for the seed, helping it to retain moisture for faster germination and growth while protecting the soil from erosion and the seeds from washing away in the rain. This is ideal on sloped areas when a tackifier is added for greater adherence to the soil.

We like to recommend drilling seed prior to hydromulching. This gives proper seed to soil contact. Then, hydromulch over the top to retain moisture and enhance seed germination. This provides healthier, longer lasting, and greener quality lawns. Hydromulching is ideal on lawns because the right seed mix is then used based on location and amount of sun and shade. Shaded areas require more fescue, whereas sod is generally Blue Grass.

Please note that watering is still required for all seeding operations, whether hydromulched or not.

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