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Relationships Matter

Relationships Matter!

Many in the landscape and snow business work with property managers. We greatly appreciate those awesome relationships. Even with these great relationships, we still ask: How do we improve our business models and take these relationships to a higher level to ensure we have lasting relationships?

At Hantho, we talk and meet with the tenants that live and work in the commercial and residential properties we maintain. The tenants have our contact information and can reach out with any questions or concerns. If an issue arises, we are contacted first to address any concerns. This makes the property managers’ job less stressful.

So, when it comes to renewal time for contracts, we are in a great position because tenants want to see a change. If we have a relationship with the tenants, start times of employees, special events, and all other important information regarding our contracts and services, the property managers have everything they need readily available to them, and this is extremely important with snow contracts. Bottom line, why would a property manager want to make a change?

We also have an internal “way of doing business” to always return and request a proposal within a 24-hour or less time frame. It’s respectful and part of the relationship we have with our clients. We stand behind our message that we will always develop a solution to a problem or concern.

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